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Aftershock In Pakistan

CBS 60 Minutes - November 13, 2005
This story originally aired on Nov. 13, 2005. In 2005, a massive earthquake struck Pakistan, killing more than 70,000 people. And then it almost disappeared, from our papers, from our television screens, from our minds. Perhaps it was just one natural disaster too many last year. But here's the aftershock: after the quake, the situation continued to worsen by the day. Millions were living without shelter and winter was approaching. In the weeks after the earthquake, correspondent Bob Simon traveled to Pakistan to report on what the United Nations described as the biggest humanitarian nightmare it's dealt with, ever. more

Anderson Cooper 360

CNN - April 5, 2006
CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 Profiles Nick Lobel-Weiss' work to deploy shelters in Pakistan more

People Magazine: Medics Far From Home

A Team of New York City Emergency Workers Answers a 911 Call to Help Out in Pakistan. more

Two hospitals in Haiti tell very different stories

Mirebalais' new world-class facility contrasts sharply with Port-au-Prince's crumbling General Hospital. more

Disaster Partnerships

World Economic Forum - Davos, Switzerland
More than 250 million people each year are affected by natural disasters. The annual number of natural disasters has more than doubled since 1980 as a result of climate change, population increase and rapid urbanization. A unique window of opportunity now exists for developing innovative public-private partnership solutions to deal with the aftermath of natural disasters. more

The Essential Emergency Manager

Learn about the role of an Emergency Manager: how we mitigate, plan, prepare, respond and recover.

NPR Interviews Nick Lobel-Weiss

Nick Lobel-Weiss is the Co-Founder of NYC Medics, an organization that provides medical services to emergency victims around the world. Lobel-Weiss speaks with Jessica Harris about how his organization is providing urgent healthcare. more