Our Work

We're proud of the impact our work produces for
our clients and the people they serve.


Global ER's projects have made an indelible impact on the lives of people.

  • Healthcare Revitalization - Liberia

    Working with the International Rescue Committee, Global ER helped to restore and enhance critical health infrastructure devastated in the wake of Ebola.

  • Supplying and Staffing Ebola Treatment Units - Liberia

    Global ER provided critical support to AmeriCares to supply the medication, personal protective equipment (PPE) and supplies for three of of the largest USAID-funded Ebola Treatment Units (ETUs) in Liberia. Global ER also aided in assembling revolving teams of international clinicians to staff the Buchanan ETU.

  • University Hospital, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

    The University Hospital in Port-au-Prince is Haiti’s largest medical center and was inundated with patients following the earthquake on January 12, 2010. Global ER worked directly with the local Hospital Leadership to restore 24-hour operations and coordinate relief assistance.

  • American Red Cross Salary Support Program

    Global ER worked closely with hospital leadership to design, develop and secure Millions of dollars to bring local hospital staff back to work.

  • inter NGO Coordination

    Global ER coordinated the efforts of over 20 Non-Governement Organizations that operated concurrently on-site at the University Hospital

  • Cholera Treatment Centers (CTCs)

    Global ER worked closely with the Haitian Government, the UN Health Cluster and NGO Partners to deploy a state of the art cholera treatment center that successfully mitigated patient surge during the 2010 outbreak. HUEH's CTC served as a model for other Government medical facilities.

  • Volunteer Coordination

    Global ER supported local leadership to coordinate the efforts of the many volunteers who rushed to this major medical center to help following the earthquake.

  • Infectious Disease Clinic and In-patient Unit Coordination

    Global ER provided logistical support to the in-patient and out-patient units which treated some of the most severely ill people in Haiti.

  • Liberian healthcare facilities supported - 79
  • secured to pay salaries for local hospital workers - 4,100,000
  • patients treated at HUEH during Global ER's Operations - 350,000
  • Tuberculosis patients treated by clinics supported by Global ER - 3,000
  • Volunteer Hours Coordinated in first Six Months of earthquake response - 78,019
  • Volunteers from partner organizations coordinated by Global ER - 1,083
  • of data transmitted wirelessly thanks to data providers coordinated by Global ER - 3000000