Who We Are

We are a consortium of professionals from an array of disciplines with a common mission: to help you help people.

A Consultancy Grounded in Achieving Objectives
We've been there.
Global ER has been deployed or overseen the deployment of people worldwide, often operating under the most demanding circumstances.  The networks we have developed and the relationships we've forged are based on a shared commitment helping people who need it most.  
We don't wait.
Global ER understands that emergencies move at a different pace than other initiatives.  Working quickly doesn't mean compromising on the quality of a response.  We believe that effective solutions to complex problems in fast paced environments are grounded in the the right knowledge, trusted relationships and clear, consistent communication.  
Why do we do it?
Global ER knows that the results we deliver for our clients has a real impact on people in our world who need help.  We have dedicated our lives to helping others: through preparedness and resilience planning, through response coordination and through sustainable program analysis and development.